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The Importance of Keeping a Horse First Aid Kit: Veterinary Equestrian Supplies

Many people don’t have a decent first aid kit for themselves, let alone their horses. However, making sure there are enough veterinary equestrian supplies at trivia crack app hand in case of emergency is one of the most important things a horse owner can do. Having an equine first aid kit can make a huge difference when dealing with a deep cut or trying toassess what is wrong with a horse. For example, properly cleaning and wrapping a wound can stop infections developing and prevent excessive loss of blood. This is vital, especially if the owner lives in a remote location or the vet is unable to reach blitz brigade hack the horse immediately.

When putting together a horse first aid kit, start with the most basic equestrian supplies and build on it as and when finances allow. Purchase moviestarplanet hack tool a strong, water-tight container to keep the veterinary equestrian supplies in. The following items will form a good basis for a horse first aid kit:

Mercury or Digital Thermometer: Using shadow fight 2 hack one of these will quickly indicate whether a horse has an elevated temperature, a sure sign of a health problem that will need veterinary attention

Antiseptic Wound Cleaner: Useful for cleaning wounds, skin infections and puncture holes

Scissors: For cutting bandages and madden mobile poultices to fit. A pair of wire-cutters can also be a good addition to the first aid kit, especially if there are wire fences anywhere on the property.

Clean Stable Bandages: To hold wound dressings in place.

Gamgee or Other Absorbent moviestarplanet cheats free Padding: For wound dressing and stemming bleeding.

Self-Sticking Bandages: To keep wound dressings in place or to shadow fight 2 hacks support stable bandages. These are useful for keeping hoof poultices in place.

Antiseptic Cream: line cookie run cheats Small nicks, cuts and grazes can be encouraged to heal with a good antiseptic cream. Natural Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey based products are well known for fast-tracking healing and preventing scars.

Books: Keeping a good, comprehensive veterinary book in the kit can help owners prepare for emergencies, by improving their knowledge. When an emergency strikes,line cookie run hack ios they can also be a good resource to refer to.

Most saddlery stores will sell all the equestrian supplies required to put together a good horse first aid kit. Developing one can be expensive but if items are added gradually,madden mobile hack shouldn’t hit a horse owner’s wallet too hard – and at the end of the day, the financial and emotional consequences of not having one can be far more serious.

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