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Taking Care Of Your Pet Summers

Depending on the part of the country you are in, summer can be a shadow fight 2 mod difficult time not just for you but for your pets as well and therefore, you line cookie run hack android need to prepare them for the hot weather months ahead. Keep in mind the following tips and your pet will be able to sail through this unpleasant weather comfortably.

If we talk shadow fight 2 cheat about dogs first, then the most important thing is to not leave them in a car while you go out for some work, not even for a small period of time. Our canine friends do not sweat like humans and the heat from their bodies is only released by panting and through their paws. Therefore, the heat of the car can be fatal for them. So it is always good to leave line rangers cheats them at home during summers. Make sure that they have easy access to shade and water at all times of the day. You can place a tub in an acceptable area in your home and place 2 bowls containing water and food for them to eat in your absence.

Heat stroke is a very common madden mobile hack problem that our dogs face during the summers. Symptoms include heavy salivation, hyper excitement and excessive panting. If you notice any of these, consult a veterinary immediately. Groom him regularly to avoid skin infections. Frequent baths are important as it will replenish as well as cool his skin. If you take your dog for a walk, shadow fight 2 hack then do so either early in the morning before it starts getting hot or after the sun sets. Some ways to cool your dog can be to dip his paws in water or rub an ice cube over his belly. You can even put a damp towel for your pup to lie on. Taking your dog for a swim is also a good idea during summers.

Let’s now come to cats. Cats love to sleep in warm conditions, yet many problems such as heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn, fleas and ticks are common in our furry covet fashion game friends during summertime. White cats, cats with white noses and/or ears, and cats that are bald are at the greatest risk of getting sunburned. If you notice any kind of reddish spots or loss of hair along the margins of the ear and itching then contact your vet and ask him for a recommendation of a non-toxic sunscreen. Visit your line cookie run cheats vet and get a flea and tick removal product for your cat.

Don’t leave your cat in a car even if the windows are rolled down and note that some cats with specific issues need to remain indoors. Overweight, elderly cats and wwe immortals hack kittens need to remain in air-conditioned surroundings most of the time, as it is difficult for them to regulate their body temperature.

Access to plenty of water is mandatory so check your kitty’s bowl throughout the day to ensure that it blitz brigade hack ios has a sufficient amount of water. Increased heart rate, a lack of skin elasticity, constipation, dry mouth, lethargy, and sunken eyes are symptoms indicating that your kitty is suffering from dehydration. If you notice the above mentioned symptoms, take your cat to the veterinary madden mobile immediately because if treatment is not given, it can lead to death.

Small animals like hamsters and birds should also be given adequate amount of food and water during summers. Place a bowl of water in your bird’s cage and see that you fill it covet fashion cheats whenever it gets empty. Also don’t keep your bird’s cage out in the sun. Keep it in a shady area. During summers, birds love to eat fruits so make sure to keep a bowl containing fruits cut into small pieces in her cage.

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