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Putting Your Pet on a Diet – Combating Pet Obesity

We have all heard the alarming statistics about the rapid increase in the number of humans in the world that are considered to be obese, madden mobile hack for coins but did you know that the trend also extends to our furry friends? According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention about half the pet cats and dogs in the United States (that’s madden mobile hack about 84 million) are also seriously overweight. Click Here Overweight pets face the same health risks as their owners free madden mobile hack might – Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. – so their diets need to be watched as well.

What is making our pets so chunky? Again, the same thing as madden mobile hack free humans: overeating, junk food and a lack of exercise. However, figuring out the optimal diet for a fat cat or plump puppy is a little trickier than hitting the nearest Weight Watchers. There are however a play madden mobile few basic madden mobile hack guidelines you can follow.

According to vets the average house cat should tip the scales at about 10 pounds and needs just 275 calories a day to stay in good shape. Dogs are far more complicated, since they come in so many shapes and sizes. You will probably need to consult with your vet to figure out exactly how much food Fido should be eating every day to stay trim.

Treats madden mobile hack ios are a big problem too. You may think you are showing your puppy how much you care by feeding him scraps and leftovers from your dinner plate but those extra calories add up (and many dogs don’t do well with human food so you may be giving him stomach ache as well).

As for exercise, walking your dog a little farther than usual is great for him and for you, but it’s hard to get a cat on a leash. Fat cats can be encouraged to exercise a little more though. Buy her a few new toys to chase or a cat condo to climb. Just a few minutes a day chasing a catnip mouse can help.

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